Charity programs

Charity programs

Our programs provide a few unique ways to help a child and show your support.

Our programs provide each individual child with the understanding, support and the visual aid they need to experience the world in True Colours. We understand what its like for a child to have to navigate a preschool, playground classroom or the world without the ability to see and enjoy it in its True Colours..

Each program also offers anyone interested in donating, supporting or volunteering an eye opening experience into what a colour blind child may be facing on a daily basis where colour is used in everything from preschool education, advertising toys and cereals, catoons, gaming, etc; right up to graduate career choices and employment .
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Areas of support

Education Issues
Colour blind children can exhibit a wide range of negative responses from their first days at pre-school to reading, colouring, worksheets and social activities including loss of interest and withdrawal of participation. more >

Social Environment
Colour blind students must constantly work harder than their full colour vision peers to compensate for their lack of colour vision. They have to constantly translate varying shades and tones of ‘murky green’ into the ‘colour’ names their full colour classmates instinctively and automatically recognise. more >

Optometry Health & Nutrition
Colour blind children are unlikely to realize that they have a colour vision deficiency because they don’t know when they are missing coloured visual information. more >

Science & Research
It is our goal to work with Scientist and Researchers to bring about better visual aid and seek possible cures for Colour Blindness. more >